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Dmitrii Zavodovskii

Plant manager

General Electric

Carolina Salazar


Design Factor

Dalton Oliveira

Global Digital Transformation Consulting, Advisory...

Wardston Consulting

Sanjay Tiwari

Head HR/IR

AHL Nigeria

Mal Greenleaf GradIOSH

Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Influencer


Syed Bilal Haider, FIC (UK)

Managing Partner | Leadership and Transformational...

Geneva Group International

Darren Levy

Senior Consultant

Human Synergistics

Samantha Stryker

Sales Director

Tealbook Inc

Swapan Kumar

Freelance Consultant

Self Employed

Jack Kahler

Managing Partner

Xenov8 LLC

Kailash Chaudhary

Deputy General Manager

CBRE South Asia