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Alison Heller Ono

President and CEO

Worksite International, Inc.

Shaharyar Sorooshian

Associate Professor

University of Gothenburg

Roelf Woldring

Founder and CEO

The Right Talent | Know That _ Know How _ Know Why

Karthik Rama

Procurement Doctor

Procurement Doctors Consulting Private Limited

Juliane Stephan


Incline Equity Partners

Frank Mattes


Lean Scaleup

Ian Golding

Global Customer Experience Specialist

Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Dr. Dorothea Baur


Baur Consulting AG

Helen Knight, MBA, PMP

Founder & CTO

Helen Knight Nonprofit Consulting

Clive Lloyd

Director/Principal Consultant

GYST Consulting

Lee Ussher

Head of Digital & Social Media Management | Co-Fou...

Buzz Web Media

Abdelhafez Shamroukh

Senior Advisor

Agility Advisory

Marcus Dervin

Managing Director


Milos Stankovic

Co-Founder and CEO

Pyron Technology

Oliver Schonschek

News Analyst

Insider Research

Joseph Paris


XONITEK, Operational Excellence Society, Readiness Institute

Alain Hunkins


Hunkins Leadership Group