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Bev Kaye


Beverly Kaye & Associates

Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard


Pavan Kaushik

Vice President and Head of Corporate Communication...

M3M India Group

Abhinav Singhal

VP & Head of Strategy, APJ


Maria Papacosta


MSC Marketing Bureau Ltd

Clive Lloyd

Director/Principal Consultant

GYST Consulting

Gijs van Wulfen

Founder and trainer of 100% Online and 'Live' inno...

FORTH Innovation Method Institute

Tania Seary

Founding Chairman


Chan Naseeb

AI Thought Leader - Data Science & AI Technical Le...


Professor Lisa Short

Founder | Director

P&L Digital Edge [UK]| Hephaestus Collective | ATaaS Accountability | Mind Shifting | Africa Agri Tech UK

Patrick Van Hull

Chief Storyteller

Supply Chain Storyteller

Ed Krow

Talent Transformation Expert

Ed Krow, LLC

Alison Heller Ono

President and CEO

Worksite International, Inc.

Shaharyar Sorooshian

Associate Professor

University of Gothenburg

Neha Kumbhar


ASNK Advertising

Roelf Woldring

Founder and CEO

The Right Talent | Know That _ Know How _ Know Why