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Robert Stone

Chief Talent Officer at McCANN Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Rob returns home to Australia as the Chief Talent (HR) Officer, Australia after an amazing four years at McCann London. Rob has played a critical part in McCANN London’s recent success, having helped transform and diversify talent and performance management. Rob’s unique and forward-thinking approach to talent has also played a significant role in converting global clients. He sits on the Global Diversity & Inclusion Coalition and was recognised by being asked to present evidence at The House of Lords regarding the benefits of an internationally diverse workforce in the wake of Brexit.

Previously Rob was the Global Talent Partner for Adidas, based out of HQ in Germany, Rob oversaw the major sporting brand’s largest Talent initiative in the history of the business. Rob was responsible for building and enhancing Adidas's digital offering across Germany, Amsterdam, London, Brazil, Moscow, New York, Paris, Tokyo & Shanghai.

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Company Type: Company
Business Unit: Advertising
Theatre: Asia Pacific
Media Experience: 10
Last Media Training: 07/01/2019
Last Media Interview: 09/02/2020

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Diversity and Inclusion
HR 30.41
COVID19 32.23
Future of Work 30.33

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3 Article/Blogs
How to spot employee burnout
September 05, 2020
We may be working from home, but it’s anything but relaxing. As the world shifts steadily to remote working, employees are increasingly isolated and alone, leading to fatigue, anxiety, and possibly loss of engagement. For HR professionals, spotting the signs of employee burnout early can help organizations take action and improve employee satisfaction.

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Tags: HR, COVID19

Ad giant opens up about return to office
HRD Australia
September 03, 2020
COVID-19 has wrought havoc on our professional lives, as remote working becomes the accepted norm and offices remain quasi-closed.

But how long can this go on? Should employers be preparing to return to the office at any point in 2020?

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Tags: COVID19, HR

COVID-19: HR & the rise of our ‘new normal’
June 05, 2020
HRD spoke to Robert Stone, chief talent officer at McCANN, who talked us through his perception of the ‘new normal’ – and revealed what the talent market could look like post-COVID-19.

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Tags: COVID19, HR

1 Speaking Engagement
Crafting an EVP in a remote organisation
One Circle HR
August 14, 2020
One Circle HR Chief Growth Officer Kyle Black chats to Robert Stone. Rob is the Chief Talent Officer of McCANN Australia. Prior to McCANN, he was responsible for overseeing adidas’ talent shift to digital from HQ in Germany, Amsterdam, London, Brazil, New York, Paris, Tokyo and Shanghai.

Rob has presented to the House of Lords regarding the benefits of an internationally diverse workforce in the wake of Brexit!

Together they discuss dynamic shifts in companies' EVP and the move towards flexible workspace instead of workplace.

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Tags: Future of Work, HR



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