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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

Almere, Netherlands

Innovator, Interconnector, Inspirer.
After years having worked as an IT Director in the Financial Services Industry, Real Estate, Health and Telecom, leading large Digital Transformation programs, Manuela stepped into the fascinating world of Innovation. “What is the impact of emerging technologies on your business?” is a question she tries to get answered together with Corporates, Startups and Cities.
Risk, legal and compliance issues in relation to new technologies is another area Manuela likes to discuss. Should we change some laws? How should we prepare our networks in terms of security, availability and speed when Blockchain or IoT applications will consume more bandwidth and capacity? What new roles and skills will be required in the near future and how do we prepare students for this new world?
Manuela likes to address these kinds of topics and discusses them with commercial and non-commercial organizations during strategic or more technical sessions.
With her open and creative mind combined with a strong focus on Digital Transformation and Innovation she helped many organisations to look differently at traditional processes.
Today, working in the SmartCity field, she brings together different stakeholders during SmartCity focused programs or events. In practical sessions she helps organisations to become aware and inspired by the new technologies and the potential to use them to design circular and sustainable innovations.
With her passion for Technology and everything that is 'new' she never stops learning about new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI, 3D printing and Robots.
Her personality is best described as open, energetic, goal-oriented and organisationally sensitive. She likes to build a network and to make contact in all layers of the organization.

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2 Article/Blogs
Are schools disrupted by Continuous Learning?
December 13, 2018
Some students tell me they find school childish, a waste of time and not relevant to what they want to do for work. They seem to know things already because they read continuously online. Sometimes it’s just social updates about people’s activities, but there is much more. They also read about the news or educate themselves about topics they find interesting. In other words young people seem to learn continuously but prefer to get that knowledge from the internet and are not very enthusiastic about what and how they learn at school.
Are schools disrupted by this trend of Continuous Learning?

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Leadership

Darwinism in a SmartCity
June 12, 2018
The increasing digitalisation of our society splits our world into different camps. People who can and want to cope with the digitalisation and people who already have difficulty with the current developments.
The first group talks about the new options and admires every step forward in this field. Whereas the second group seems to find it an undesired development or keep describing it as a hype that will pass. ‘Everything will go back to the old days.’
How to deal with a digitized city, often referred to as a SmartCity, where only part of the population understands or desires the new functionalities?

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Tags: Culture, Digital Disruption, Innovation



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Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

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