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Robin Ayoub (LION)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

+1 (416) 409-8202| @RobinAyoub

Why Lionbridge?

Whether your expertise is in localization, custom content solutions, application development/maintenance, test/QA, or a number of other areas, we are always looking for strong talent. Step up to the world stage.

We're over 6,000 employees in 25 Countries. With over 800 clients across diverse market sectors and 20+ years expertise, we're the world’s #1 globalization company and have been ranked the #1 Language Service Provider and one of Forbes Most Trustworthy Companies.

About Robin Ayoub
Robin has had a distinguished career spanning over 24 years. Robin Ayoub is a man of many achievements and skills. Currently he is Vice President for one of the world’s leading language and documentation services companies. He is known in various circles as a strategic marketing leader who delivers - whether it’s increasing market share, improving profitability, achieving revenue targets in almost half the time, or getting a 300% increase in revenue.

Robin has a natural ability for business development initiatives and customer acquisition. He builds deep relationships with his customers and champions their needs and wants. This has help him build the company revenue 257% with clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

One of the hardest tasks in a business for a professional is leading from the front and multi-tasking at the same time. Robin has proved through his performance that it is possible to balance both. He is a recognized leader in building and managing sales and business development teams while increasing productivity and sales.

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Robin Ayoub (LION)

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