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Gates is founder & Principal at ITconnecter, a consultancy focused on digital transformation through data, process and CX. ITconnecter applies our IVIS (Investigate, Validate, Implement, Sustain) methodology against these three lenses to help clients understand, advance and outperform across their value chain. Most recently, Gates was director at a leading indirect CSP distributor, working with SMB-centric techsvcs firms (e.g. VARs, MSPs, resellers, etc) to increase efficiencies, revenues & profits by aligning cloud-specific offerings. Prior to this, Gates was at an IoT / AR / MLaaS leader & global top 20 SW company, working w/large global SIs to help enable their sales, marketing & technical teams on IoT (ThingWorx) & digital "transformation journeys.” He has started, grown & managed vertical practices for seven new-tech consulting & integration firms, including CSC and Citigroup-acquired MSPs.
At ITconnecter, Gates works with IT and business (SMB, SME & enterprise) to identify, define and implement digital transformation across data, process and CX.
- Methodologies include VaaS (vendor-management as a service), introducing/managing emerging vendor relationships whose value prop to business and IT is accelerating innovation while decreasing cost and increasing efficiencies or effectiveness.
- Assisting startups in the areas of team, strategy and capital formation (through an informal network of 90+ funding sources, primarily VCs).
- IT innovation research, benchmarking and consulting. Focused on business development with G5000 firms and on marketing/PR with publications.
- Assignments included working with a VC firm in analyzing emerging requirements in B2B, specifically focused on application infrastructure, components and market design.
- Worked with thinktank incubator, focused on internet newco idea generation, including creating, defining and capturing the associated process.
- Founder and/or President of multiple regional seminar series, involving moderated panel discussions of VCs/incubators/seed funding firms and technology product startups.

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Company Type: Individual
Business Unit: Digital Transformation (data, process and CX)
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Why @PTC for Industrial IoT (IIoT)?
April 03, 2019
Given the interest on the confluence of IoT, machine learning & AI, augmented reality and "the edge," this article is to describe why PTC should be viewed as the industrial IoT (IIoT) leader. Whether they will be comes down to execution since their vision, thanks to Messrs. Jim and Mr Howard Heppelmann, is second to none.

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Tags: AI, IoT

Per @PA_Technology New Technologies Hype or Opportunity report, of the 3 Big Bets, #M2M (e.g. #IoT) has unique factors to help drive success.
January 15, 2016
Per @PA_Technology 's "New Technologies Hype or Opportunity" report, as one of the 3 Big Bets, #M2M (e.g. #IoT) has unique factors to help drive its success. While technologists, software and hardware companies and industry pundits are quick to point out IoTs three (3) requisite technology factors (app dev ecosystem, standardization, security) cited in this report, the report also describes other critical factors.

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Tags: AI, IoT

"Cloud-based services are the tech expansion event in 2016" for SMBs - from The Business Journals
January 13, 2016
Now's the time for the #VAR and #reseller #channels to help their SMB customers with the cloud...or risk losing them as a customer @Kloudreadiness

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Tags: Cloud

Cloud is leveling the playing field for Small & Medium Business
August 31, 2015
Small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been given the opportunity to dramatically improve their business results by leveraging cloud computing, opportunities which, until now, were just not technically or financially practical.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation

Internet For Things, Best's Review, August 7, 2015
August 07, 2015
My most recent Best's Review article ("Internet For Things")* has been published.

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Tags: IoT



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