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Capt Shantanu Chakravorty

Bengalaru, India

Key Summary

Globally Driving the Leadership and Talent Devp Agendas.
Establishing Internal Faculty Devp and External Knowledge Partner SME channels
Orchestrating Training Need Analysis/ Assessment Centers and OD initiatives
Digitally Augmented interventions to fuel the Orgn Strategy with special focus on Mega Gamma Accounts & Co opting Micro Learning.
Usage of AR/VR Labs and Experience centers including Beta Testing Learning Chat Bots
Build up of Diverse CoE's
Learning Tech Adoption for remotely located and Tech challenged Personas and for Globally Scaled Orgn.

Marquee Projects

Created Pool of Facilitators and Master Certification TTTs .
Video on Demand , Web Series on Leadership Values “ Legends of Cognizant”
Wire framed one of the World’s Largest Gamified Corporate Learning Platform - “Cobalt”
Prototype of Learning Chat Bot and Predictive Analytics – “Hack to the Future”
Sand boxed War Gaming and Psychometric Lab – “Insights”
Conceptualized the Framework of SRR (Success Ratio Remuneration) for Content Partners to augment Fiscal effectiveness. ( Pay per Use)
Global Learning Operations Centre prototyping viable IoT network.
Rapid Learning Secondary Research Repository integrated through Enterprise Outlook .
Designed State of the Art Learning Centre’s & Labs.

Podium Spotlights
Innovative Leader Awardee
Brandon Hall - Best Gamified Simulation and Content Design for Diversity Intv.
Best Faculty Awardee
Got Multiple Courses Accredited by PMI – USA .
“BEST” ATD Learning Team globally spanning a decade.
Commendation- Int Cricket Council for Operational Excellence
Attempted for the Guinness Book of Records Largest Live Gamified Delivery
Acknowledged for Disaster Mgmt -Chennai Floods - Zero Loss of Life.
Commanded a Battle Troop & Commendation Awardee – (Kargil War) Indian Army

My Favorite Adage – “A Man is not Known by the Heights he has conquered, but the Depths from where he started his Journey”

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Customer Experience
Design Thinking
Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation 30.14
Emerging Technology 31.78
Future of Work 30.71
HR 30.81
Leadership 30.68
Management 30.19

Industry Experience


5 Article/Blogs
What Can I Do As a Civilian ?
February 15, 2019
Bit Long and may take some time to read, but remember, there are folks who don’t see their families for months together , and here we as Corporate Citizens are cribbing for 4 Day Work weeks and Offices next to our Bed Rooms !!! I am not offering any Solutions, but my Personal Observations and yes some of it are very Caustic as I find some of the statements made without having any clue of what the Ground Realities are.

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Tags: Leadership

Learning Game Design With Grub Stakes
February 06, 2019
Yes am a Foodie, but am equally a Passionate Human Board Game Designer
By Capt Shantanu Chakravorty
Do you know What is the no 1 searched item in food ?

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Tags: Leadership, HR

February 04, 2019
A trend in board Games / Simulations is the increasing number of cooperative games. In these Simulations players win by cooperating with each other. If you think these games will be boring touchy-feely activities, you are mistaken.

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Tags: Leadership, HR

360 Degree Feedback - Redefined
December 04, 2018
When measurement of data sets should look into data lakes which may not focus only on Learning / Performance or only Enterprise employee / Customer data. Taking an analogy , if a customer that is *ME* can be rated on how I as a customer can be rated by a Driver partner or a host can rate an Air B n B guest on how I would have manifested myself based on certain metrics , then we need to think, how does that add up in my Value driven behavior when I rate an employee in an enterprise.

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Tags: Leadership, HR

Digital Learning Stirred But Not Shaken
October 27, 2018
Digital Design Learning Bespoke Projects – By Capt Shantanu Chakravorty

Happy to Talk
Ø Human Centric Global Learning Curriculum Design
Ø Virtual Platform Design for the Global Leadership Consortium
Ø Solution Architect for first ever Experiential & Virtual Assessment Centre (VAC)for Specialist Roles & Leadership Competency Mapping.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Management, Leadership

1 Keynote
Digital Disruption, Future of Work, Fluid Economy, Future of Learning & Development
People Matters
February 01, 2016



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Tags: Emerging Technology, Future of Work, HR



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Capt Shantanu Chakravorty