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Luan Ferreira

Sydney, Australia

Modern Quant | AI | Data Science | Risk leader with deep expertise in using and managing AI in banking and finance. I specialize in responsible AI, Emerging Risks such as Climate Change, Crypto, and other technological advancements that may impact human agency.

I advise large organizations on Algorithm assurance and risk management including regulatory engagements.

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Speaking Topics: Responsible AI, AI Risk Management, Model Risk Management

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4 Article/Blogs
Heidegger and GPT-3
January 11, 2023
Reiterating, technology is neither good nor bad, it is a backdrop through which the world is revealed to us in various modes of being. The progress we’re making with AI is neither good nor bad, it’s reshaping our environment, and given that we are in the environment, it is changing us in a way that is not necessarily noticeable at the moment.

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Tags: AI, Social, Sustainability

What would it take for an AI to deem eating your family pet as morally objectionable?
Medium and Linkedin
January 09, 2023
The study of morality, which used to be the domain of philosophy and theology, is now a thriving interdisciplinary field that involves research from various disciplines, including evolutionary theory, genetics, biology, animal behavior, psychology, and anthropology. The current understanding is that morality is not a mysterious concept, but rather a combination of biological and cultural characteristics that encourage cooperation.

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Tags: AI, Social, Risk Management

Challenges with AI risk management
November 30, 2022
In non-technical contexts, the word “risk” refers, often rather vaguely, to situations in which it is possible but not certain that some undesirable event will occur.
It is doubtful that we can deploy sufficient risk management resources to match the scale of AI adoption, let alone comprehend all risks associated with "high risk" applications of this technology. The AI risk and ethics platform is gaining momentum, however very little progress has been made on operationalising AI risk management effectively. Why is this?

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Tags: AI, Risk Management, Social

Is AI an unstoppable force?
November 24, 2021
We often hear that "the AI genie has been let out of the bottle", "technological progress is inevitable", "technology x/y will happen". In our everyday speak, it almost (strongly) suggests, at least at a social level, that technological progress is a deterministic force. an Unstoppable force shaping and reshaping history, determining our future.
Technological progress has been framed, almost exclusively, as a force for good. Clearly society has and continues to benefit immensely. Mechanical engines displacing the horse as primary mode of transformation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) replacing to some extent, the human mind, albeit in a narrow sense for now.

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Tags: AI, Social



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