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Scott H. Stalker

Colorado Springs, United States

I am an Active-Duty United States Marine & National Security subject matter expert with 25+ years of proven experience developing strategy and training for the U.S. Marine Corps. A combat veteran with 30 years of service, with specific expertise in cyberspace, space, intelligence, information operations, special operations, defense consulting, human capital development, and leadership.

I'm an agile Senior Advisor with a broad background in operational management, process improvement, and planning derived from strategic management and consulting. I identify industry improvements, create training programs, and collaborate in briefs to establish 100% successful operation management

I've also led teams of up to 383 employees through domestic and global operations. I currently manage a $250K annual conference and have successfully controlled $5M in assets for an intelligence community customer.

I'm an established keynote speaker, addressing a wide variety of audiences from elementary schools, to elected leaders and 4-Star Admirals & General Officers. I conduct up to 70 presentations annually both physical and virtual with an audience ranging from middle schoolers to members of Congress and the National Security Council.

I look forward to connecting with you and discussing opportunities.

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Scott H. Stalker