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How to Motivate and Inspire through StoryTelling?

Learn how you can create campaigns to inspire and motivate your audience through personal storytelling.

Thinkers360 | December 19, 2020 | Avdhesh Kumbhar
Free Change Management Glossary Access

Please feel free to access this comprehensive change management glossary that contains more than 200 terms providing clear and simple descriptions to boost your organisational change management knowledge.

Thinkers360 | December 17, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Dr. Jeff Daniels added to Dallas 500 Leaders

Dr. Jeff Daniels, director of Business Transformation and Systems Modernization at Lockheed Martin has been named to the D CEO’s prestigious “Dallas 500” list, an annual ranking of the most influential business leaders in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Thinkers360 | December 11, 2020 | Jeff Daniels, Ph.D.
a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) Step #2: Secure Sponsorship and Resources

a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) Step #2: Secure Sponsorship and Resources. “Without effective and proactive sponsorship, the change programme will eventually fail, the change will not be adopted by the employees or sustained, and it will not deliver the intended benefits”

Thinkers360 | December 10, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Leading from the Heart

Being a leader means recognizing that everything you do has an impact on the people around you. Conscious leaders have high self-awareness and are in tune with our feelings, thoughts, and actions on this journey. You are guided to serve with compassion, and care about the impact you create by truly

Thinkers360 | December 09, 2020 | Ayelet Baron
What is Your Moment of Truth in 2020 and Beyond?

What December 2020 may be asking you as 2021 emerges is to do your own inner work.

Thinkers360 | December 08, 2020 | Ayelet Baron
How to Transform Stories that sell

Learn the 3 steps on how to represent stories that sell.

Thinkers360 | December 04, 2020 | Avdhesh Kumbhar
The Moonshot and the Lighthouse: Rethinking COVID Recovery Strategies

If you want to grab a headline, or a news agenda, then proposing a moonshot program to counter COVID 19, implicitly comparing yourself to Google (an early moonshot proponent), and promising £100 billion of spending, is a good way to go about it. That’s exactly what the UK Government did and this is

Thinkers360 | December 03, 2020 | Haydn Shaughnessy
Change Management Gamification Adoption - Volume B Published on Amazon

Change Management Gamification Adoption: This change management gamification workshop manual supports change practitioners to learn about change implementation with a focus on employee change adoption in a workshop environment using a business simulation. It includes a business case study that enabl

Thinkers360 | December 03, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
The Art of StoryTelling

Learn the art of storytelling and marketing your content online and establishing your Brand through storytelling

Thinkers360 | December 02, 2020 | Avdhesh Kumbhar
A Simple Approach to Define Human and Artificial Intelligence

Before you start worrying about AI, you should consider analyzing the relationships between human intelligence and AI. In this article, I will explore human and artificial intelligence concepts to find relevant similarities and differences.

Thinkers360 | December 01, 2020 | Jair Ribeiro
Change Readiness Assessment (CRA) - Implementation Preparation

Definition: Assess Readiness - a2BCMF® - Step 6, is the process of assessing the organisation and its employees prior to change implementation, ensuring that they are ready to start adopting the change.

Thinkers360 | November 26, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Johnny Appleseed & the Intergalactic Cloud

"Lick had this concept of the intergalactic network which he believed was everybody could use computers anywhere and get at data anywhere in the world."

Thinkers360 | November 23, 2020 | Jeff Daniels, Ph.D.
Digital intelligence for the 'End-to-end Knowledgeable Enterprise (E2EKE)'

What's the concise characterization of the 'knowledgeable-enterprise' in the context of digital enterprise intelligence?. I discuss the underlying tenets of why the concept matters

Thinkers360 | November 22, 2020 | Sreejith Menath
Organisational Change Management Challenges - Sustain Phase

Change implementation challenges that organisation face when implementation change during the ‘Sustain Phase'.

Thinkers360 | November 20, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Benefits of Modern Marketing

A few tips explaining the benefits of modern marketing when applied in an organization or company.

Thinkers360 | November 14, 2020 | Avdhesh Kumbhar
Inside Track Podcast - Business Transformation Journeys

INSIDE TRACK PODCAST #21. Tony Lockwood is delighted to be joined on today's show by Peter F Gallagher - a Change Management Global Thought Leader. Peter connects with Tony on the virtual sofa and shares his experience of delivering transformational change in challenging environments.

Thinkers360 | November 13, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
60 free courses to learn AI, ML, and Data Science today

A compilation of some of the best resources free and free to audit courses that can help her to learn AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science from basics to advance.

Thinkers360 | November 12, 2020 | Jair Ribeiro
Living a data culture

How Data-Driven Culture makes your business stand out and become a front runner? This article will consider what a data-driven culture is, how you can make your employees and business live such a culture? and how it helps your business become the front-runner? The latter part details the five pilla

Thinkers360 | November 10, 2020 | Chan Naseeb
What you should look for in future for Procure To Pay

The future of P2P Solutions

Thinkers360 | November 08, 2020 | Amenallah Reghimi